Weather Watch

Australia’s leading manufacturer of windsocks and aviation marking products

About Weather Watch

Weather Watch is a leading manufacturer of windsocks and aviation marking products in Australia. We are dedicated to customer service, product innovation and performance you can trust.

Weather Watch began producing quality windsocks in 1993. Since then we have expanded our range to include different sizes and colours of windsocks as well as a range of wind indicators, windsock frames and aviation markers. Our dedication to product performance and quality, along with a strong desire to build relationships among the aviation and farming industries has seen steady growth for Weather Watch to date.

If you have something different from our normal range in mind – that’s fine! Designs to your own specifications can be arranged. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

About Fiberglass Moulding

(Coffs Harbour)

Fiberglass Moulding has been manufacturing fiberglass moulded runway markers and gables to the Australian and Asian markets for over 40 years.  For much of this time they have also sold Weather Watch’s range of products.

Weather Watch has now purchased Fiberglass Moulding (Coffs Harbour) and has taken over the manufacturing of airport markers and pile caps.  We are up and running and orders are being sent out.  Please get in touch using the details above for product details or to place an order.

Ordering Is Easy

We are currently building our website and should be online soon. Once this is available you will be able to order and pay online.

In the meantime, please call our office on 0477 788 070 to place your order.

Alternatively, please email us with the details of your request. Please be sure to include your contact information and address.